EKE 347 Liquid Level Controllers

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    • Clear Information: graphical and full text display
    • Easy Communication: easy integration with PLC systems
    • Intuitive Setup: convenient settings by quick wizard
    • Global Application: multi-language support in addition to English

  • EKE 347 is the new series liquid level controller to replace the EKC 347, and EKE 347 is used for regulation of the liquid level. The controller is connected with a level sensor that continuously measures the liquid level in the vessel/reservoir.
    With the user friendly interface and remarkable network connectivity capabilities, EKE 347 liquid level controller upgrades the control to a new level.
    The EKE 347 controller is used for regulation of the liquid level in:

    • Pump reservoirs           
    • Economizers 
    • Separators                  
    • Condensers 
    • Intermediate coolers      
    • Receivers 

    The controller receives a 4-20mA signal from a guided radar sensor AKS4100(U) which accurately measures the liquid level in vessels/reservoirs. Advanced algorithms provide analogue or digital signals to modulate ICM motorized valves or solenoid valves respectively.


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