Danfoss SH family: Complete Offer for Optimized Commercial Applications

  • Danfoss SH Scroll Compressors
  • Danfoss scroll compressors SH have a very wide application envelope. An SH compressor suits varied applications such as rooftops, chillers or process cooling, reducing the number of items held in reference and inventory.

    Consistently reliable
    Reliable by design, the Danfoss SH compressors have an integrated non-return valve, which avoids refrigerant migration from the high pressure side. The electronic motor protection module prevents from overheating, overloading, phase loss and phase order.

    Highly efficient, reduces applied and running costs
    The performance of air conditioning units depends on their ability to adapt to seasonality, daily variations and to continuously varying load conditions inside a building. Danfoss SH scroll compressors offer superior efficiency with the new Intermediate Discharge Valve in the 40-ton, the intermediate cap and a “no contact – no wear” scroll design for reduced friction making a vital difference in running costs. Furthermore, the possible manifold configurations up to 120 tons in a circuit will also reduce applied and running costs.

    Environmentally conscious
    Danfoss has removed the environmentally harmful substances from scroll compressors. Since 2012, Danfoss large scrolls are 100% RoHS compliant. With Danfoss you can always be sure of unique sustainable solutions without compromising on reliability, endurance or performance.

    Danfoss surface sump heater: featured for efficiency and noise reduction
    An optional patented heater designed to:

    • Reduce power input per heater by 25% to 38% compared to a standard belt type crankcase heater.
    • Reduce sensitivity to ambient air temperature and wind speed surrounding the compressor.
    • Enhance heat transfer with larger surface area and wider contact with the compressor. 
    • Improve system efficiency through uniform heating and lower power consumption.
    • Attenuate the sound level.



  • Products in the SH Scroll Compressor Range Recently Released

    SH295-25TR compresses your carbon footprint

    The new SH295 compressor offers a 25TR cooling capacity with higher energy efficiency for all rooftop and chiller applications.

     Industry’s smallest foot print in its class
     25% lighter compared to standard 25HP compressors
     Great energy efficiency with 3.25W/W coefficient of performance

    WSH, optimized for high efficiency A/C systems (low condensing temperatures)

     From 7.5 to 15 TR
     Increases COP by up to 5%
     Quick electrical connector plug avoids miswiring connections

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