CO₂ Calculation Tool

  • Calculate Your Savings

    The CO2 calculator helps you to evaluate how much you can save by choosing CO2 as a secondary refrigerant for your installation instead of a traditional brine.

    For detailed calculations and more information please contact Danfoss.


    • The calculation is done based on electricity prices and estimated energy savings 
    • In the calculation example a car emits around 129g CO2/km

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    Energy Savings
    Total in % %
    Total in Euro
    Annual in Euro
    CO2 Savings
    Total in ton tons
    Equivalent in number of driven kilometres KM
    Equivalent in trees trees

    Air temperature

    -30°C 0°C

    Cooling capacity

    50kW 5000kW

    Energy cost

    0.01Euro 2.00Euro

    Disclaimer: Please note that these are not detailed calculations. These results have been simplified to give you an indication of your possible savings.

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