Fighting Compressors Counterfeits

  • Uncover fake compressors
  • Protect your image
    with genuine Danfoss products

    There is every reason to make sure that the product you pick up is genuine Danfoss quality.

    All Danfoss products are built on an impressive platform of knowhow and experience. The material we use and the technology we apply are of the highest quality – which is why Danfoss products come with a multitude of international approvals.

    Counterfeits, on the other hand, are likely to have a number of shortcomings. These may interfere with the operation of an entire system and in worst case cause the compressor to break down.

    It pays to stay clear of fake products. Especially if you wish to protect your reputation in the market.

    If you use fake compressors, you risk:

    Loss of safety
    Danfoss compressors are certified and aligned with the PED, UL, SASO and CCC international safety standards. A fake compressor which is not homologated may risk exploding and causing serious damages. Additionally, wrong electrical connections may lead to electrical shocks.

    Low reliability
    A fake or repaired compressor will probably not be made of the same raw materials, which have been designed and selected after months of development and testing. Dealers of rebuilt compressors select the parts that seem in good condition from metal waste and non-working compressors, then assemble them into original or fake housings. The unit
    lifetime risks dropping from several years to 3 months by using a nonoriginal or not-certified repaired compressor.

    Reduced performance
    If the compressor is a copy, it will not provide the same performance. Additionally, the operating envelope will be different which may lead to a complete breakdown of the system. Damages caused to a compressor when running out of its operating limits are non-reversible. Changing a compressor will cost money and time to repair. On top of that, you have to add the cost of outage and customer dissatisfaction



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